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The FEDELE 2017 Workshop kicks off with a welcome reception in Ibiza!

Published on Monday, October 9, 2017

After a (surprisingly) smooth journey, we finally landed in Ibiza, and at first glance I can confirm that it is nothing like what I had imagined it to be. I've always associated this Spanish island with harcore 24/7 clubbing, and event thought the clubs are most certainly there, so is the beautiful landscape that met our eyes as soon as we walked out of the Arrivals from the airport.


Upon arriving at the hotel we were greeted by many familiar faces. It's a nice feeling to know that compared to three years ago, when we attended our first FEDELE in Cadiz, we now know most of the people who form part of this fantastic group of Spanish well as most of the agents who are present.


Hugs and kisses being over, and so were the school introductions. This year the FEDELE Workshop started with an intro from all the participating schools whereby they gave a very short briefing to the agents about who they are, what they do etc. So now it was officially time to get ready for the first evening event.


The FEDELE 2017 Workshop kicked off with a lovely welcome reception at the Tanit Beach Club. Not only was it a great opportunity to network in a gorgeous place with a breathtaking backdrop of a big, round, organge harvest moon on the horizon, but we also had the chance to learn about the Porron. What is the Porron? As explained by the boys from Taronja School, the Porron is "a traditional glass pitcher, typical of many regions of Spain, and resembles something in between a wine bottle and a watering can. The top of the bottle is narrow and can be sealed off with a cork. Stemming upwards from the bottom of the pitcher is a spout that gradually tapers off to a small opening. It is shaped such that the wine stored inside it will have minimal contact with the air, while being ready to be used at all times." 


Many of the participants had the opportunity to experience drinking from the Porron - it is not something for everyone and it is very easy to get wine spilled all over you...but nothing stopped these brave people from trying just the you can see below.


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