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English plus Pharmacy Programme for University Graduates

Published on Friday, January 5, 2018

Babel Academy of English recognise that many students wish to improve their English for very specific career goals.



English + Pharmacy is an intensive programme specifically designed for pharmacy graduates from non-English speaking countries who would like to work as professionals in Ireland.



A joint venture with their partners, Clarity Locums and Excellent Pharmacist Academy - experts in pharmacy practice in Ireland, Clarity Academy provides a unique programme for pharmacy graduates. Through this programme graduates:



- Improve English quickly and prepare for the IELTS exam, an English test which health professionals can use to provide evidence of their language competency.

- Learn about pharmacy laws and practices in Ireland

- Develop contacts with other pharmacy professionals

- Register with PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland)

- Gain professional experience through work-place training

- Get support to find well-paid jobs throughout Ireland


Ireland boasts an excellent quality of living, whether big cities or a countryside lifestyle is your preference. Pharmacists in Ireland are highly respected members of the community, central to the healthcare system. Financially many are better off working in Ireland and earn up to 65,000 euros per year.


It is not a straightforward task moving to Ireland and starting work. There are regulations and exams that must be passed to succeed as a pharmacist in Ireland. Clarity Academy supports pharmacy graduates in dealing with the challenges of establishing a successful career and making the most of their experience.


For more information about the intensive 8-week programme for pharmacy graduates, visit the webpage, or contact to make an inquiry.

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