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MC’s latest Course - a different way to explore language and Britain

Published on Thursday, May 2, 2019

English on the road with Manor Courses

Combine a week on-campus near Brighton with a week around the sites of London, staying at hotels with our teachers

This summer we are inviting teenage students to enjoy the British countryside with our amazing summer school facilities, and then to immerse in the city with modern and ancient landmarks. There are no classrooms in the second week, because Britain and its cultural attractions are our classroom each day. This is called our English on the Road Course!

After leaving Hurst campus, our small group and their teacher follow an educational itinerary across London to visit cultural, science and historical sites, royal properties, architectural delights, and sports and leisure landmarks.

What are the aims of the study component?

The aims are to teach the English language in an innovative and exciting way, by exploring and understanding Britain and its culture in through its most British and most cosmopolitan city – London.

Students visit different attractions daily, which provide the theme of the day with its language, grammar and vocabulary. We use what we have seen to explore the language and ideas in a communicative, inclusive way.

Who will be joining us?

Each learner in the small group is carefully monitored so they can improve their English skills and achieve their full potential. Great friendships are made and students can experience aspects of the country that are not normally accessible to more traditional students.

This study holiday is a real full immersion into every aspect of language and culture.

A personalized itinerary for each day

Every morning the group discuss the attractions for the day. They receive vocabulary and a study pack and any specific individual language work or help they need before the excursion.

During the day the group also decide where and what to eat. The focus is on conversation and co-operation, where every individual is able to express opinions and preferences when making decisions.

Students will gain something unique

English On The Road is an exciting new method of language learning devised and proven to build up young people’s confidence linguistically, culturally and socially through an experience they will never forget. Find out more here.

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