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Interviewing ECCE - European Centre for Career Education

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, November 15, 2018

In today's interview we are going to find out more about the European Centre for Career Education, which is situation in Prague, Czech Republic.

ECCE – if you had to describe your school in 3 words, what would they be, and why?

Experience, Inspiration, Innovation. 

Experience - We equip our students with the direct and practical experience from our lecturers' occupational journey and offer our student to apply their academic knowledge during internships.   

Inspiration - We care about students being inspired by studying in a multi-cultural environment and learning from stories of people who succeeded and get new perspectives of how these industries really operate as an insider.

Innovation - We bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-life applications with relevant career experience for brighter prospects and upgrade our curriculum every year to make sure that we stay relevant to the essential trends.  

How long has the school been open for, and how has it changed over the years?

ECCE has been operational for over 2 years. Due to our highly innovative nature, ECCE has changed substantially in terms of expansions of its program locations and the increasing of new partners. Now, with over 250 corporations and business partners, the process of evolvement has been driven very fast because of the constantly modified understanding of what is needed for students to succeed from the industries.  

What are your Unique Selling Points?


ECCE's products are globally unique. There are barely similar institutions or companies that are able to create the program which involves the leading companies in an educational way. In other words, our products have high quality. 

ECCE has over 250 strong and close partnership in both educational and business sectors and we are keen to use ECCE as a platform to help our agents, partners and students to create new possibilities and opportunities.  

Which are your main markets?

At this moment, we are working on various markets. In the past few years, China was our main market.  But in 2018 summer, we had 25% international students, coming from over 20 countries. Asia will still remain as our key markets and we are working intensely in North America. 

Can you describe your typical student?

- Students who are still studying in university in law, international business, architecture related subject but lack of practical experience. 

- Students who are interested in studying for a further degree course and would like to test if they really like or are able to study and living abroad. 

- Young graduates who would like to work in an international environment but no working abroad experience in the CV

- Young professionals who considering changing the field. 

Why do students come to you?

ECCE is professional in the programs we provide and we care about individual student's growth. 

Why should our agents work with you?

- Our program is well-directed for what the students really need globally and there are barely other institutions offer what we have in the market. 

- Our product is also positioned on the high end which guarantees very solid income for agents involved with us.

- Our focus is global and we do not offer what hundreds of programs offer with very much local expertise and we are seeking long-term cooperation. 

Where do you see ECCE in 10 years?

As we are opening our programs in New York and Dubai, we are on the trajectory to cover key business locations globally with the same vision. We are hoping to bring the same highly practical and quality programs to all of our students in more locations. Besides, except for the program we have now, in Law, Internation Business and Architecture, there are also various sectors such as technology, design etc we would like to develop. 

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