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Don’t just take our word for it: 92% of our students say Glasgow School of English has improved their English

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

It’s very important for schools of English to get feedback from their students. We do this regularly at Glasgow School of English and our most recent results, from the second (Spring) term*, make for interesting reading.

When asked if the class materials were "useful and interesting", 95% said they either agreed or (the majority) strongly agreed.  We then asked them if the lessons met their needs and here again there was a very positive response, with 87% saying that they agreed or strongly agreed (again the majority strongly agreed). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we asked if they thought their ability to speak and write English had improved.  We're pleased to say that 92% agreed or strongly agreed (with 57% in the 'strongly agree' category). Whilst we are by no means complacent, it is gratifying that the vast majority of our students say we're doing a great job in improving their English. That's what we're here for after all.


Just to reinforce that last point, we also give students the opportunity to comment on their experiences at Glasgow School.  These comments are almost universally positive and well written, as this sample from the second term intake shows:


"That was a fantastic adventure! I met amazing people and I will come here again. You'll never walk alone! Thanks for everything! A special heart to my favourite teacher, Brian."

"The friendliness of the school - the secretaries are fantastic."

"In my opinion all the teachers who I had for 12 weeks were fantastic and professional, but James was amazing. I loved the way in which he teaches. Most of my progress is up to him."

"Gavin, Paul, Kay, David, Beth, Joey and information teachers are all kind cool so I was very happy. Thank you."

"The office staff are amazing!"

"I have had a nice time and I made some good friends, I'll definitely come back!" 

"Thanks to teachers David and Paul, I got what I expected."


Andrew Lennox, President, Glasgow School of English


* Every student has the option of commenting on a 'leavers form' and although the majority don't a large number do; it's from the most recent survey, covering the period from April to June 2016, that this report has been compiled. There were 49 students who responded this term.   

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