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How can a good CRM help during a Crisis Management Situation?

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A good CRM can truly help schools in crisis situations

The world is going through a crisis. Our industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus and, as a result, is going through a crisis too. There is only so much we can do in such a situation except for ensuring the safety of our staff and students, and keeping our agents and parents constantly up to date with what is going on while trying to keep their kids as occupied as possible if they haven’t made their way home yet.

A good CRM can truly help schools in times like these. But how?


1. Bulk SMS 


Intrinsiq’s CRM has a very important feature which allows school staff to communicate with all those who have been entered into their system. This means that, in a time of such crisis, all you need to think of is one SMS text for students, and one SMS text for agents. Once that is done, you will just have to click one button to send the information through to all the students, and another button to send the separate text (which will likely contain different wording) to the agents...hence saving a lot of precious time. 

2. Incident Management System

Intrinsiq are about to launch a second important feature that has been especially designed to deal with crisis situations such as the Coronavirus. This mobile only system is designed to allow for staff to handle emergency incidents and ensure the safety of all staff and students onsite, which, at this stage is of utmost importance.

3. Remote Teaching and Distance Learning

With Intrinsiq, students can already upload documents which can be automatically linked to the student records within the system itself. This means that lessons can carry on from the comfort of the students home or accommodation. Furthermore Intrinsiq can integrate with existing online learning tools to provide a seamless experience for the student and teachers. Some schools are also adding on conversational classes through a video conferencing tool of their choice which students can easily get installed on their laptops or phones.

Contact Intrinsiq today to make the most of this situation

Is this something that interests you? Drop Intrinsiq a line on to get a demo of this today. The system is simple and straightforward so you can really start to make a change quickly.

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