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Marketing Mondays: How to connect with Agents via the Schools & Agents website

Published Bernice on Monday, January 23, 2023 8:00 AM

How to connect with Agents via the Schools & Agents website

The Schools & Agents website offers various ways in which schools and education providers can connect with our 600+ international agents. In today's 'Website Monday' article we are going to look at 4 of these tips which will help you to make better use of your membership with us.

Tip 1: Use our Revamped Agents Directory

Our members directory has all the agents information that you may need in order to help you decide whether this is someone you wish to connect with or not. Each agent profile includes a description of the agent and their logo, as well as all their contact information: telephone number, website, and email address. On top of that you will also have the links to the agents social media platforms. We are currently going through the laborious process of revamping our Agents Directory so that you can choose by destination (as you did before), but also by the area of specialisation of the agent i.e. whether they focus on language courses, higher education etc. 

Tip 2: Send us member articles to publish and share with Agents

The most important and effective way in which you can reach the attention of our agents is by sending us member articles to publish. These articles can be based on topics which agents find interesting and important. This could be a new course that you have started offering, or an article about extra-curricular activities at your school, or an article on a testimonial given by a student, or even an article about a milestone that your school has reached, or perhaps something about the accommodation options that you provide. Another topic to write about, which agents appreciate, is something about your school's unique selling points. When writing about this topic we suggest that you delve deep into what makes your school unique, not what makes your school "good". And if you need to discuss these topics with us to make sure that you are taking the right angle when writing them, we are always more than happy to help.

Tip 3: Establish contact with Agents via our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

At Schools & Agents we also facilitate the process of connecting with agents by having two special groups for our members on social media which we invite you to join. One group is on Facebook, and the other one is on LinkedIn.

Tip 4: Be active where agents are active...especially on Social Media

Rather than contacting agents via email or cold-calling them (unless you have a really good sales pitch!), we suggest the more lasting strategy of establishing contact with them on a human level. Connect with them via social media. It is possible to do this in two ways - firstly, you can interact with agents through our social media channels where you react to and comment on posts that they share on our pages and groups. Secondly, you can also add them as friends or follow their pages in order to be able to connect and speak with them more privately through your own platforms and profiles rather than via ours.

For more tips and tricks on how to connect with agents, do not hesitate to contact us!

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