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Upgrade to a Content Writing Package

This package is ideal for schools, agents and service providers who wish to improve their online presence through articles and content for their site, blog and their own social media. With this package we will help you to populate all of your channels with quality content that would be written and designed specifically for you.

You will have total ownership of the articles that we write on your behalf, therefore, you will be able to use them wherever you like.

- We provide you with 12 articles, over a period of 12 weeks (if you want your campaign to be more intense) or 12 months (if you want your campaign to be more spread out) to be published on our site, your blog / site and social media pages.

- These articles will be featured on our newsletter too. If you opt for the 12 articles in 12 weeks, you will get a free section in our newsletter that is entirely dedicated to your organisation.

€1200.00 + €216.00 Vat


"FELTOM works with Schools and Agents as we not only find their approach and support of the industry professional, but they always ensure their partners/sponsors/clients are taken care of and given the relevant exposure wherever possible. Not only will FELTOM continue to work with Schools and Agents, but we recommend their service to all industry stakeholders."


We started working with Schools & Agents almost 2 years ago and the experience to date has been great. Bernice and Lynne initially helped us to gain a footing in the market and continue to push our brand directly onto the screens of our target clients. S & A have given us exposure through publication of articles and mentions on social networks, offered us on-site assistance at global ESL events and provided us with a platform to communicate directly with key agents from all over the world.
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