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Celebrating success!

Published on Friday, October 27, 2017

We are always happy to share the successes of our partners and collaborators, but let's face it, it an extra special pat on the shoulder when the success you're celebrating is yours. And that is precisely what we are here to do today. In the history of Schools & Agents, since it's first post in 2008, this month has been the month with a most absolute record number of visitors on our site and social media....and there are still 4 days left of it!


In fact, we have increased our website visititors by more than 3,000 this month, going up to 21,276 visits (as per 27th October at 630pm CET). Here is more about Schools & Agents in numbers.


680+ verified member agents. These agents are contacted by us one by one every year to verify that they are still in operation. We keep in touch with agents to see what they need and what they are interested in, and whenever any one of our member educators meet these requirements we initiate the conversation between the education provider and the agent.


2,000+ verified agents in our database. These are agents who are subscribed to our newsletter, hence are interested in receiving the news that we publish on behalf of our members.


21,000+ website clicks so far in October


: A total of 17,000+ following on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These channels are  where we share the articles that our members send to us to publish and disseminate on their behalf. This following does not cover the reach, which varies from article, depending on whether the content is organially disseminated or whether it is promoted.


6,000+ subscribers to our newsletter: We send out 2 newsletters per month; one containing industry news from our sponsors and partners, and one containing promotional articles from our members.


Your organisation can also be part of this. Let us know if you'd like more information on how to become part of our success! :)

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