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Castel Education's own Mannequin Challenge

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

"I was browsing through my Facebook feed one day and I saw all of these really cool videos put together by celebrities, bodybuilders, footballers, and regular Joe soaps , having a few drinks in their local bar, and I thought, ‘we should definitely give this a go!’."


This is what Garry Sheahan, Business Development Executive at Castel Education told us when we asked him why they decided to go for the Mannequin Challenge.


"On a normal day the video would have been incredibly boring with teachers preparing lesson plans, assembling reports and marking exam papers but Thursday was really special with a proposal, a violent confrontation, a big solitaire win and an intense game of Jenga all taking place between the four walls of the office. Creatively speaking, I was over the moon!"


"Seriously though, we happen to have a really nice, outgoing group of teachers and when I put the idea to them, they immediately got on-board. It's important to cut loose every now and then and just do something silly to break the tension. During the academic year, we specialise in IELTS preparation for pre-med students, so, I feel as though a mental breather was welcomed by the group. I'll be keeping an eye out for the next fad and, if appropriate, Castel will get involved!"

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