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Babel Academy of English - Student Perspectives

Published on Thursday, November 16, 2017

At Babel Academy of English in Dublin, Ireland, we find that a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is one the strengths of a lively and fun English language school. When students know that they have a say in their programmes and that their opinions are welcomed and listened to, it fosters a collaborative learning environment inside and outside the classroom.


Our programmes offer lots of choice for adults (General English, Exam Preparation for IELTS and Cambridge Exams, Business English, English for Specific Purposes) and junior students (English Summer Camp and Mini-stay School Group packages). The social and cultural programme we provide, which all students can join, gives added opportunities to meet people and practice English outside the classroom. We also offer a full language immersion experience with our host family accommodation.


As a result, we have had a wonderful mix of people studying with us from a wide variety of backgrounds. We asked for their opinions. Here is a taste of what some of them had to say about us:


Daniella Nucci, Italy, University Student – Exam Preparation

“I cannot recommend enough the Babel Academy of English. I took the First Certificate Exam Course. At the beginning I was shy but my teacher was very kind and made me feel calm. He helped me with any problems I had. I really improved my listening and my speaking and everything I need for my certificate exam. Without Babel Academy I would not have passed”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Salvador Ferrar, Spain, Lawyer – General English

“It has been a lovely week, and I have enjoyed every single second here at Babel School. Great installations, teaching and afternoon activities! and staff! I would like to come back asap. Highly recommended!”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Ilya Khomutov, Russia, Business Consultant – Business English

“English classes were 5 out of 5. Staff are friendly and polite. Everything was great.”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Bruno Mariani, Argentina, Accountant – General English

“I would recommend this course to my friends! The staff were very friendly with me. I really enjoyed my time with Babel.”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Nicola Oberholzer, Switzerland, High School Student – Mini-stay Group

“I really enjoyed this two weeks and I had a great time. The singalong and the Gaelic Games were just fun. My English has improved very well. The family was just amazing.”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Jose Luis Castillo, Spain, Group Leader – Junior Summer School

“We are really really happy with the relation between the staff and us, group leaders and students. And when I say staff, I’m referring to the ‘yellow t-shirt people’ and people in the office! You have made everything to us really easy. Thank you for everything.”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Abdulaziz Alotaibi, Saudi Arabia, Student – Junior Summer School

“I had a good experience in Babel Academy and the reason goes to the fantastic staff and students, the place of the school and the quality of the teachers they have. It was a really good experience and I’m definitely coming back here next year if I could.”

___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___      _          ___


Find more reviews of Babel Academy of English on our Facebook page and Coursefinders profile.


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