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Business English at BELS Malta and Gozo

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Business English at BELS Malta and Gozo

In a globalised world, Business English is not just an asset, but a very important tool that everyone, whether they are already ahead in their career or aspiring professionals, should consider. BELS Malta and Gozo can offer your students the perfect combination of Business English language proficiency and communication skills in a highly professional setting. BELS Business English lessons are delivered using a blended learning approach, which means that students will make use of the traditional methods and books, combined with digital media.


Reason 1: Your students will meet other business professionals from around the world

During their 2-week stay in Malta or Gozo Business English students will have the opportunity to study with other professionals from different industries, so that together they will share ideas and examples of best practice, engage in interesting discussions, and at the same time, develop their skills together.

Reason 2: Your students can take 1:1 lessons to focus on specific areas of improvement

If your students wish to truly make the most out of their 2-week stay with BELS, they can add private lessons to their group course. These lessons can be offered face-to-face at the school, or even via Skype and are ideal for those students who wish to pursue in further detail certain areas of Business English. BELS Business English teachers are highly professional and can guide your students in any aspect of their Business English development, whether this means enhancing their presentation skills, or even their negotiation, business writing, telephoning or business meeting skills.

Reason 3: Skype Lessons

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, BELS offer Skype lessons, both for students who wish to continue improving their English even once they’ve finished their English language course in Malta or Gozo, or even for those students who cannot travel to Malta to have face-to-face lessons. Skype lessons are ideal for Business students who sometimes need to attend online conferences and meetings.

Reason 4: Internationally recognised certificate

Once your students finish their course at BELS English Language School, they will receive a BELS certificate of attendance together with a personal progress form detailing the student’s particular achievements on the course. BELS certificates are recognised by various institutions around the world.

In conclusion, whether your students wish to improve their Business English through group lessons, 1-to-1 lessons or online lessons, or even through a combination of two or more of these options, at BELS we are committed towards giving your students the best experience possible.

Next Intake for Business Englisha at BELS Malta and BELS Gozo

The next intake of students for Business English at BELS Malta and BELS Gozo is as follows:

2nd September 2019 at BELS Gozo

16th September 2019 at BELS Malta

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