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Announcing the opening of the New York Military Academy Honors program for 2018/19

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The New York Military Academy has educated elite leaders in business, military, politics and the arts for over a century. Today this requires a stronger secondary education than ever before.  In order to teach to this elevated standard, NYMA has small class sizes with increased personal attention. Accordingly, we currently have the highest senior year SAT average of any military school in the USA.   


This year our school campus is rapidly expanding and students will be taking AP exams in: Computer Science, Calculus, Psychology, Government, Mandarin, and Chemistry. For even more advanced courses, next year, we are adding a full year of courses from the curriculum of the State University of New York taught on our campus.  These courses are normally part of our Post-Graduate program, which began this year, but advanced high school students who can meet SUNY testing or pre-requisite requirements can also take the classes earning even more college credit.   Even though we offer these demanding courses, we still require all students to participate in a rigorous programs for athletic competition and leadership which means students here have a long day.


Since we do accept younger students, grades 6-10, we are also building a unique honors program for 2018-19 with classes and activities independent of the rest of the campus. As we build and expand this program, we expect to further strengthen our reputation for training ivy league quality students who often go to college on full scholarships at well-recognized universities and at the National Service Academies.   International applicants are welcome and partial scholarships for all qualified applicants are available for ages at admission of 14-16. Admission to the honors program is based on school records and an oral exam; retention in the program is dependent on continued success at academic and leadership tasks.


If you cannot make it for the school year, you are welcome to come to our summer programs which include an advanced science and engineering program for ages 10-14!

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