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How life changes for young people after travelling to Denia

Published Bernice on Monday, April 2, 2018

When a teenager decides to go abroad and study a language course, life changes them completely.


This is what happens to young people who follow a Spanish program for juniors in Denia, Spain. Every summer, they come to Denia and attend a Spanish course program with family accommodation, activities outside of class and excursions. This experience is a before and after in their lives.


How a teenager´s life changes after a Spanish program in Spain


They acquire maturity. For most of these young people, it is the first time they have lived outside the home. This makes them take on more responsibilities. The situation forces them to be more independent and, therefore, they acquire great maturity.


They open their mind. In this program they coexist with Spaniards so they are immersed in a different culture from their own. In addition, during classes and activities, they meet people from all over the world so they open their minds to new ways of seeing life.


They make new friends. Thanks to this experience they are forced to socialize. Young people are accustomed to dealing with their family and friends, but in Spain, they have to leave their comfort zone and begin to interact with strangers. This helps them to overcome their fear and shyness and they learn to interact with others (not only with the host family, but with their classmates, teachers, monitors, etc.).


They discover the usefulness of Spanish. Many of them learn Spanish in their countries of origin, but until they come to Spain, or to a Spanish-speaking country, they cannot see the usefulness of the language. During the time they are doing their course, they speak Spanish because they really need to communicate.


They discover new facets of themselves. When they leave their country, their home and their routine, they try new experiences and often discover new talents or abilities. Leaving their country allows them to learn more about themselves.


They value experiences more than material objects. For many, this is the first trip of their life or the first time they travel alone. This makes them appreciate the experiences such as travelling, exploring a new country, taking a trip, meeting new people and getting to know a different culture. Thanks to the Spanish course for juniors they begin to appreciate the value of experiences over material objects.


Investing in this type of program is a long-term investment because it is an experience that will stay with them for life.

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