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AIL Madrid’s free online immersion study units

Published on Monday, February 19, 2018

Help your students visualise a Spanish immersion course with AIL Madrid’s free online immersion study units


Helping a student visualise a Spanish immersion course in Spain can be difficult. They might speak Spanish but have never been to Spain; they have learned in a classroom and have little experience using the language in practical situations; they have a basic cultural understanding and haven’t spoken with many Spanish natives.  It’s a large investment, a daunting journey and to convince them it’s the right decision and that you have the perfect option for them can sometimes take more than a brochure and testimonial.


AIL Madrid has the solution. They’ve began publishing monthly Spanish study units to give students a small taste of Spanish, and give them an idea about what they can expect from an immersion course, before they arrive in the country. The complete units have been designed to provide a small sample of the immersion process and to demonstrate the high quality of AIL Madrid’s courses. Every unit includes a video lesson from a native teacher, a video of the lesson’s grammar point used in a real life situation in public in Madrid, written explanations, activities and audios - all with follow up exercises!


AIL Madrid’s motto is ¡Locos por el español! – And they really are crazy for Spanish! Their aim is to share their enthusiasm for the language and culture with students of Spanish whether they are in their school or are watching their videos on the other side of the world. When your students see what learning materials AIL Madrid has produced it won’t be difficult for them to visualise their immersion in Spain.


If you have students that are thinking of studying in Spain get in touch and we’ll tell you why Madrid and why AIL -

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