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Junior Programme at F+U Academy of Languages: Learning and Fun Combined

Published on Friday, June 16, 2017

Can kids enjoy a summer vacation in which they play and learn a foreign language? The answer is yes! Since 2007, F+U Academy of Languages has been offering a Junior Programme with daily German and English classes in July and August for children and teenagers from all over the world in Heidelberg in the south-west of Germany.


English is offered for children aged 12 to 15, while German classes can be offered for children as young as 6 years. Classes are divided by age groups and language skills, and each has a maximum of 10 learners. Instead of focusing on teaching boring grammar, lessons familiarise young learners with the German or English language and culture in a playful and age-appropriate manner.


Activities in the afternoons help to foster listening and speaking skills, as participants come from around the globe and their only common tongue is the one they learn at the school. Activities include sports, games, picnics, swimming, hiking, boat trips and excursions to Heidelberg’s beautiful surroundings, but also intercultural sessions such as Chinese calligraphy, origami, or yoga.


9-year-old Steven from Germany, who spent his summer in the F+U Academy of Languages last year, says, “I had a lot of fun attending the junior language course at F+U because it wasn't as stressful as in my school. What I liked best was that my class was international and we could talk about a lot of topics.” And Ismail from Saudi Arabia adds, “The food and activities were great. I’m learning a lot and having fun.”


Accommodation can be offered for families; host families are available for young learners aged 12 or older. An additional lunch and supervision in school after activities can be booked. Learn more about the Junior Programme’s supplementary options here.


With Germany being one of the most popular educational destinations among international students, the Junior Programme at F+U Academy of Languages can be a good preparation for future university studies.


We’re looking forward to this year’s Junior Programme and hope to welcome many learners from around the world!


Call +49 6221 912035 or e-mail for enquiries or registrations! More information can be found in our flyer or on our website via

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