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Mandarin Garden: Let the Chinese summer camp help you to tide over difficulties of learning Chinese

Published on Friday, July 7, 2017

With the increasing number of foreigners coming to China, more and more people are learning Chinese, so that HSK is a kind of test for the learners. Many foreigners get a headache looking at the papers, so Chinese schools take it along at this time. And the Chinese summer camp seems to be the most comfortable way to learn Chinese.


About Kids & Teens Camp courses


Over 600 kids and teenagers from all over the world have experienced this Summer or Winter Camp in the past few years. This brilliant and vibrant Summer or Winter camp may be waiting for you in the future.


Maybe you also intend to let your family take the opportunity to study more mandarin or Chinese Culture. Here is a rare and Educational Summer or Winter program Mandarin Garden offers which is not to be missed. Our Camp program consists of many interesting activities.


Culture events and mandarin learning, such as: Mandarin language courses, Guzheng(the Chinese Zither), Chinese Chess, Chinese painting, Wei Qi(Go chess), Calligraphy, Tai Chi, and Paper-cutting. Sounds good, right?


Program Highlights:


- Total immersion learning program


- Unique, child-friendly curriculum and Safe, supportive environment


- 23 language lessons a week


- 3 afternoon activities or field trips, focusing on Chinese art, cuisine, culture and sport


- Average 6 students a group


- The promotion price of Day Camp is only 3000RMB/week


- The promotion price of Home stay camp is only 3500RMB/week


- Visa Application assistance: We could assist you in completing the invitation letter for visa applications as well


The service fee is: 3000RMB


Our dedicated and experienced teachers, monitors and coordinators work together with all participants to develop an enjoyable program for improving language, culture and social skills. Mandarin lessons in the morning and excursions or workshops in the afternoon help you to experience traditional and modern China firsthand and learn Mandarin through a full immersion environment.


- Day camp for 6-16 years old


- Home stay camp for 16-18 years old


-  Monday to Friday 9:00am-16:30pm


- 55minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break


- Camp Start Date: Every Monday


Price Includes: Registration fee, 23 language lessons per week, Textbook and materials, Language proficiency certificate,3 afternoon cultural activities and 2 afternoon excursions per week, Lunch and snacks fee, transportation in excursions.


Price Does Not Include: Accommodation, Breakfast and dinner, Airport pick up and drop off, Passport, Visa, Airfares, Travel or medical related insurance, Personal spending money, Additional expenses for non-program related activities.


About Us


Mandarin Garden Education Group is a professional Chinese foreign language teaching institution. It is a platform for Chinese language & culture, communication, cross-cultural communication skills training and teacher training!


Our brands "Mandarin Garden Chinese". "Mandarin Garden", "Mandarin Garden Technology", “Ruhong Academy” and “Mandarin Garden Chinese Teacher Overseas Assignment”, are all committed to focusing on creating a Global Chain of the products and services we currently offer. Chinese as a foreign language training, cultural exchanges and communication, international foreign language teacher training, international cross-cultural communication management training, Talent input and output as well as career development.


The school learning environment has a very authentic Chinese atmosphere and characteristics to help students fully immerse themselves in the sea of Chinese culture while learning the language. We have held Chinese courses for hundreds of world-renowned global Fortune 500 companies, foreign employees, corporate executives and their families, and foreign students, that have accounted for over 6,000 people. Mandarin Garden has been featured many times in foreign media, in publications such as “That’s Shanghai”, “City Week”, “ICS Shanghai English Channel”, “NEWS”, and“China Daily” as foreigners favorite language school in Shanghai.


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