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Interviewing ISC Miltenberg

Published on Friday, April 27, 2018

In today's interview we are going to meet Nina from ISC Miltenberg in Germany. ISCM is one of our newest Platinum Members and during this interview we are going to take a look at the school's USP's, their nationality mix, their flagship courses as well as other aspects which our readers find interesting. So let's take a look at the interview...


When did ISC Miltenberg start and where are you based?

We will start with the summer courses in July and with the academic year in September 2018. We are based in the northern part of Bavaria, Germany. The closest airport is Frankfurt, which is about 45 minutes to drive.


What would you say are your USP’s?

At ISC Miltenberg, children and young people from all over the world have the opportunity to learn German intensively in a small and familiar atmosphere. Our team consists of experienced teachers, social workers and educators, who are always available to help your child feel at home.  A maximum of 40 students from all over the world learn in four study groups (maximum 12 students per group), depending on age and language level. This enables us to encourage, challenge and support each student individually based on their abilities and needs. A member of staff will also  be present to help with any queries regarding course content during the daily prep time and of course with all other problems, too.

In addition to the German language, all relevant school subjects are taught, so that the students can either return to their home schools without any problems or join the German school / university system.


Which are your flagship courses?

Our flagship course is the academic year so students can learn the German language intensively and extensively.


Who are your students?

Children from all over the world, aged 10-17, are very welcome to ISC Miltenberg.


Which markets are you interested in?

We welcome children from all over the world. In our opinion, potential lies in the Russian, Asian and in the Arabic area, but actually from everywhere. 😉

German is a key language in the European Union and in the economically increasingly important countries. Even abroad, the German language seems to be in great demand. The German language belongs to the 10 most spoken languages worldwide. So we hope to get students from all over the world.


What kinds of accommodation options do you offer to your students?

ISC Miltenberg is a boarding school (full board) which is housed in a sandstone castle. This extraordinary building not only contains the accommodation for our 40 students, but also the classrooms, the dining hall, several lounges, as well as the administration and the home of the house parents. The bedrooms of the boys and girls are housed on two separate floors. Students will live in shared rooms with standard boarding facilities. We make every effort possible to ensure students share rooms with others of similar age and with different mother tounges. The recreational rooms are shared between boys and girls. In these rooms students will be able to relax, play board games and other games, watch TV, play table football and table tennis, and so on. The house parents, deputy house parents, teachers, staff and caregivers are always there to take care of the needs of the students. Laundry is washed and dried 3 times per week to ensure students always have access to clean clothing and bedding.


What kinds of activities do you organise for your students?

In Miltenberg and the surrounding area, our students can enjoy a variety of leisure activities. In addition to sporting activities such as swimming, cycling, canoeing and climbing in the forest with Germany’s highest and longest zip line, there is also a varity of cultural offers: by visiting surrounding museums, universities, castles and palaces, a boat trip on the river Main, many folk festivals. The children will always like to remember their stay at the ISC Miltenberg after their return.


Why should our agents contact you?

Because our concept is unique in Germany – teaching German is our main focus, of course, but only at ISC Miltenberg children do not miss major parts of relevant school subjects as all relevant subjects are taught. Furthermore, we are small and provide a familiar atmosphere and 12 students only are in one study group. Also they learn about German culture and people by our cooperations with other German partner schools. 


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