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Getting to know ILE - New Platinum Member

Published on Monday, April 3, 2017

In today's interview we're speaking to Richard Ferro and Tania Assuncao who operate an Online English Language School from Malta. In our industry online and blended learning have become quite popular and here we are going to find out how ILE - I Love English do it, and what their recipe to success is.



The concept of ILE is quite different from that of traditional schools. How did you come up with the idea?


After doing the Dip Tesol course - the highest qualification in English teaching - we knew that we had to put what we had learnt during the course into practice. That knowledge, together with our years of experience in the education field, provided us with the tools to start ILE. During our teaching years we found a gap in the market. We wanted to create an online digital school that is equipped to deal with 21st century students and the various means of learning that are now available to us at a click of a button. We have found that students are more engaged when using technology and react well to it. That is why we created a strong social media presence with daily tips, videos and games to reach people in a natural way. Apart from that, students' lifestyles have changed and not everyone has the time, money or flexibility to travel to a different country to learn a new language. We wanted to reach out to the online student community and create an interactive learning platform. We started out by teaching our former students and eventually their friends. We are proud to say that ILE is a product of these students who have helped shape the very concept of ILE with their ideas and their needs. 


What are the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of ILE?


ILE caters for people who have pressing goals, such as passing an exam, attaining a certain level of English in a short period of time, or wanting to get ahead in their career. 


ILE is the very type of school that takes the challenge of getting to know its students in order to create unique lessons that are tailor-made to the students' different learning styles and needs. We break the lessons down into digestible bite sizes with realistic attainable goals. We can achieve this because we create our own syllabi and materials. This is very manageable because we are a boutique online school. In addition to the above, we have also come across students who like learning in an authentic and relaxed environment away from the classroom and from their computers. That is why we created Holiday English for those students who just want to improve their speaking and conversational skills in English while enjoying their summer holiday.


Which are your main courses, and can you tell us something about them?


General English

ILE’s general English courses are carefully designed and structured to provide students with extensive practice in all 4 language learning skills – namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Grammar is also a very important part of the English language, as it lays the groundwork for effective communication. Therefore, grammar is introduced and practised according to the students' levels.


Speaking and Pronunciation Lessons

By booking a speaking course with ILE students focus on improving their speaking and pronunciation of English. Teachers focus on accuracy, which is speaking without mistakes, and fluency, which is speaking at a normal speed without having to translate mentally from their own language. ILE’s speaking lessons focus greatly on pronunciation. English is not a phonetic language. The same letter may represent different sounds, which makes it difficult for students to read and speak. In our speaking and pronunciation lessons students are introduced to the phonemic chart and all the sounds in the English language.


Exam Preparation (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE)

Most students who prepare for an exam do so for life-changing reasons, such as studying or working abroad. Our vast experience in teaching exams enables our teachers to provide students with the tools and techniques to not only comprehend the exam without fear, but to manage their time well, without fretting about the time-restrictions. 


Business English 

ILE’s Business lessons are ideal for busy executives or business students who need to improve their professional communication quickly and efficiently. Our business lessons are specially designed for each industry and adapted towards the individual goals of each student. We balance theoretical and practical language learning perfectly to help you achieve that high-paying job, get a promotion or simply become a better professional and respected leader.


Some examples of our specific courses:

Aviation, tourism, hospitality, gaming, retail, marketing, online services, sales, HR, PR, costumer service and many more. We create business courses on demand, so if your profession is not on the list get in touch with us. 


Holiday English

Holiday English is an adventurous way to learn English that takes students into the real world. Classes are held outside in the sun and allow students to take in the English language in a natural way. You also get to experience the Mediterranean culture that is in abundance in Malta. There are also some fantastic extra activities, such as wine tasting, cooking, shopping and beauty, which can be part of your English lessons. Holiday English is about delivering an authentic cultural experience where students participate in the real world while interacting with native English speakers. Furthermore, it’s about learning English while doing fun activities that are relaxing. After all, students are on holiday, and we want them to enjoy themselves.


What do you offer to students who study with you?

Someone once said "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  At ILE we have enthusiastic and real teachers who sincerely care about their students. We offer students unique lessons, which are developed according to their learning needs and personal language guidance. We understand the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle, therefore, we offer a certain flexibility whereby students can create their own timetable. We also offer students the chance to interact with ILE online on a daily basis, where they can learn a lot for free simply by following us. 


Furthermore, we are currently developing a student login area for students to be able to track, adapt and access their lessons, vocabulary and mistakes. This is also available at the moment, but not on ILE's website. 


Why should agents contact you?

We understand the importance an agent has in helping growing a business and making students feel at home. English teaching is a very competitive market especially between mainstream schools. Nevertheless, we believe that ILE offers unique products & services that target a very specific student population, which will certainly not clash, but complement the services offered by our competitors, as we are not a physical school. 


We offer competitive commission rates to agents and affordable payment methods for students online, without having to pay exorbitant fees. For agents to make the most of their partnership with IEL we'd suggest creating group lessons and holiday English groups, which would bring in the best commission. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions and proposals. We are always happy to adapt and build on the services we already provide. 

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