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Feature Friday: Our Monthly Newsletters

  Publisher : Bernice   24 June 2022 00:00

This Friday we're turning the spotlight on to our two monthly newsletters and we'd like to take this opportunity to explain what we do with the content that we publish on our website. Whenever we speak to schools, agents and industry organisations about the importance of Content Marketing, we always use the word "dissemination" because that is exactly what we do with the content that you send to us or that we write and create on your behalf.

We disseminate your content on various platforms

Apart from publishing your content on our website, we also share and disseminate this widely on our social media platforms, which means that we target your key audience by being present where they are present.

Our newsletter is one of the most valuable sources of dissemination

We have over 5000 subscribers to our newsletter and these subscribers are all key players in our industry who chose to receive information about your school, agency or organisation straight in their inbox. We make sure that the content that you send to us is delivered to them where and when they want it to be delivered to.

We send out 2 newsletters every month

We split the content that we receive into two main segments and, as a result, send out two newsletters per month. One newsletter is dedicated to schools. Most of the content that we receive comes from our member schools, therefore, we have one specific newsletter which is entirely focusing on school-related content. This newsletter is only sent out to agents. Then we have the "Industry News" newsletter which brings together content from various sources within our industry, for example, content about events or content from service providers. This newsletter is sent out to all our newsletter subscribers.

Would you also like to start sharing your content with us?

Content Marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching out to new B2B business leads, and the Schools & Agents platform is the ideal tool to help you springboard into this field. Would you like to start sharing your content with us and our readers? Well, all you have to do is drop us a line today and we'll get you sorted out!

We are proud to be working with these industry organisations:

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