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How Intrinsiq Works - The Search Function

  Publisher : Bernice   19 January 2022 00:00

In the coming weeks and months we will be sharing with you some tips on how to use the various aspects of Intrinsiq in the best way possible. The first feature we are going to look at is the “Search Function”.

The Steps to Search

When it comes to using the Search function there are five main steps you need to follow.

  1. Choose Starting Point - this could be Students, agents etc.
  2. Choose Filters required - these can be modified and could be as simple or as complex as needed
  3. Choose Data you wish to view - here you can choose which fields need to be shown on the page
  4. Choose Sorting preference - you can sort by any field depending on what your end goal is
  5. Display results

What are the benefits of the Intrinsiq Search Function?

A Search Function can have many benefits and here we are going to outline those which pertain to Intrinsiq


Like everything else with Intrinsiq, the Search function is also customizable to suit your needs. It is simple to follow and each user can customize the search to reach their end goal.

Different Levels of Complexity

Some schools want the search function to be simple. Others need it to be more complex. Whatever your needs, requirements and level of required complexity, we can cater to your needs to help you reach your goals.

You can update info from the Results Screen 

One of the most annoying things about some software options is that very often, each field has to manually be updated one by one. This is not the case with Intrinsiq, and this makes it an absolute life saver especially when you are trying to save time and update certain records in bulk.


Results can be exported in the form of .csv files, so basically each search result can be saved as an individual report.

Save Searches

Users can save their individual searches to their profiles, that way they can refer back to them in the future if the need arises. It is important to point out that on Intrinsiq one can have as many users as you need at NO additional cost.

If you would like to receive any further information about our Intrinsiq products and services, do not hesitate to drop us a line on [email protected]

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