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The Intrinsiq Process: All the steps of the Intrinsiq Process

  Publisher : Bernice   30 August 2022 00:00

In today’s article we are going to take a more comprehensive look at all the 8 steps involved in the Intrinsiq process. Whenever a new client signs on with Intrinsiq, there is an 8-step approach involved, and here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Specification

Step 3: Contract

Step 4: Build

Step 5: Test

Step 6: Roll Out

Step 7: Host & Maintain

Step 8: Care

The first 3 steps

The first three steps of every project involve a lot of back-and-forth communication between the client and the service provider. The main reason here is that Intrinsiq will need to understand what the client’s needs are exactly, and we do not start to build anything unless we are absolutely sure that we are on the same page as the client. Once the client needs are established, we move on to the process of specification. This is basically a detailed overview, in writing, of the outcomes of the consultation step. Once everything is clear and both sides agree, the contract is signed.

Steps 4 and 5

Once the contract is signed, the work begins on the back end of the system. First we build what the client needs. A senior developer will be assigned to the client’s system build. One or more developers will assist with internal building and testing of the system, depending on how big the project is. The client is kept up-to-date with what is going on, every step of the way. Once the system is built, testing takes place. The project is tested in small steps throughout the building process. In fact, these two steps go hand-in-hand, because as we are building, we test to make sure that once a part of the project is completed, it is also functioning properly.

Steps 6 and 7

Due to the bespoke nature of our software, a “soft launch” is preferable to allow both the client and the Intrinsiq team to spot and resolve any remaining  issues, provide training and generally communicate with the client to ensure both our and their expectations are met. A final “sign off” is the aim of this phase which completes the development process. Once that is achieved, and the project is up and running, the next step is to host and maintain. The client’s system is now live. That doesn’t mean that communication stops there. On the contrary, we remain in touch with the client to assist with any difficulties or questions that they might have along the way.

Finally….the most important step; Care

All steps until now have been important, but the final step in any project is our favourite. Once we see that our clients are happy with the system that we built for them, we make sure to keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded. We do this by scheduling in a quarterly call or email to advise of new features or improvements - features which we feel would benefit our clients. Regular communication will keep the client up to date as well as allow us to ensure we are listening to them.

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