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4 Tips to Use Schools & Agents better: Finding Out about Upcoming Industry Events

  Publisher : Bernice   10 January 2022 00:00

This week we shall continue with our Website Tips. This corner is aimed at helping our followers and members to learn how to navigate the Schools & Agents website more efficiently so that they can make better use of it. Today's focus is going to be on how to use the Schools & Agents website in order to find out about upcoming Industry Events in International Education.

Check this out:

Step 1: Check the events in Chronological Order

When you go the to events section of our website, you will find all the upcoming industry events by the main providers in chronological order. That way, if you are looking for something in a particular month, you can check out what's coming up.

Step 2: Read out about them

One you choose a particular event that interests you, you can click on the "Read More" button and that will open up a bigger window of information precisely about that event.

Step 3: Check out the Dates and Destinations

The information we provide you with will also include the dates of when the particular event will take place as well as the destination. That way you can make your travel arrangements.

Step 4: Click on the Event link for further information

At the bottom of the Event description you will also find the event link. This will take you directly to the provider's website where you can look for even more information, booking forms, contact info and so on.

We are proud to be working with these industry organisations:

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