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Event Focus: ICEF Berlin 2023 – where the global education industry meets!

  Publisher : Bernice   19 May 2023 07:33

Considered the pinnacle of the annual networking calendar, ICEF's flagship event, ICEF Berlin, returns for its 28th edition, bringing together thousands of colleagues, peers, partners, and friends from across the global education industry. 

Many industry people ask us what would be the industry's main go-event if we could choose only one - our answer, without hesitation, is always ICEF Berlin. And for various reasons!

Thousands of educators, pre-screened student recruitment agents, service providers, cultural exchange, and work and travel companies, come to Berlin every year, to build and maintain their partnerships and grow their networks.

The ongoing success of ICEF Berlin is a simple reflection of the role it has played in the success of thousands of businesses. Most of our community keep returning because they keep getting great results.

If you are planning your first ICEF event or need more support, find out more about ICEF Coach – a training and development programme designed to help you maximise ROI in Berlin. Find out more about ICEF Coach.

ICEF Berlin is held at the InterContinental Hotel, a short walk from the government quarter, historic centre, shopping districts, and the world-famous Potsdamer Platz and Kurfürstendamm Boulevard.

With innovative business facilities, a range of high-end and casual dining options and exceptional spa and fitness amenities, the InterContinental Berlin is a premium venue for ICEF’s premier event.



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