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Another IALC Workshop comes to a Close

  Publisher : Bernice   27 April 2023 15:03

With well over 300 delegates attending, the 2023 IALC Workshop in Dublin was the biggest IALC Workshop to date and was crammed with seminars, a panel debate, workshop meetings and incredible evening events that showcased the true spirit of Irish culture and its people.

Delegates attending: 330
Meetings arranged: 3200+

The IALC Workshop has always been more than just the business appointments in the daytime and networking in the evening. It is a coming together of friends and the making of new ones. Every IALC Workshop is unique in giving delegates a taste of the host city.  This year, with 2 IALC schools involved in the preparations, delegates were treated to two fabulous evenings at each of the schools involved.

Supporting school Emerald Cultural Institute welcomed us into their beautiful school with delicious Irish food and drink, music and a sword swallowing magician who was both hilarious as well as talented!

Then it was Workshop hosts CES’ turn to wow. A brief tour of their popular school in the very heart of Dublin’s lively city centre and then on to the Round Room at Mansion House, to sample classic Irish food and drink, and to dance to some very catchy live music.

The last evening is always an event to remember at an IALC Workshop and this one was no different. In just a few hours the workshop hall was transformed into the perfect location for the Gala Dinner which saw Robin Adams hand over the IALC reins to Kevin McNally, Director of Torquay International School / IH Torquay as the new President of IALC for the next 3 years. Drummers, Irish dance, some haunting Irish singing were just a few of the evening’s entertainment, which as always culminates in some enthusiastic dancing from happy delegates.

IALC would like to extend a huge thank you to those who joined us in this most significant year to help us celebrate our 40th year of bringing quality and experience to the study travel industry. We would also like to thank CES for hosting the workshop and to Emerald Cultural Institute and also to Tourism Ireland for supporting us this year and we look forward to welcoming you again next year in Cardiff.

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