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A day of meetings, Visiting CES, Meeting 2 lovely dogs, and a traditional Irish evening - Day 2

  Publisher : Bernice   15 April 2023 08:24

Day 2 at the IALC Dublin workshop was indeed a packed day from morning till late! It started off with a day that was full of productive meetings. Those who follow our social media channels could clearly get a good feel of what it was like to be at the workshop with constant photos, lives and reels being shared throughout the day.

The evening was another lovely occasion to mix and mingle with industry partners while we also got to visit the lovely CES School that is situated right in the heart of Dublin. After the school visit, we made our way to The Round Room where we enjoyed an evening of Irish music, Irish beer and Irish food. For me, the animal lover that I am, the evening was extra special because I got to get some extra hugs and kisses from the two lovely Irish Wolf Hounds who greeted us at the entrance. In fact, do stay tuned to my personal social channels as you might see a couple of four-legged additional family members on my news feed very soon!! :)

Another special moment during yesterday's event was the moment when one of our own, our special industry friend Damián Chicano Ruiz Tierraseca joined the band on stage to sing 'Knockin on Heaven's Door'!

Our feet might ache a little this morning from all the dancing, but I'm pretty sure we all woke up with a smile and the right attitude to face the third and final day of the workshop. So here we go....breakfast and out!

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