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How to Tuesday: How to Sell Well on Social Media (Part 1)

  Publisher : Lynne   16 May 2023 14:00

Social media presence is a must in today’s world, but is it enough to boost sales? Not necessarily! To sell well on social media, just being present is not enough. Learning how to market your school, agency, or business on social media helps you get the sales boosts you need. Like any other strategy, there are some rules you should follow to ensure success - we’ve compiled a list to help you out:

Identify Your Audience

Trying to reach everyone is a big mistake that often many companies make. Finding out who your target audience is helps you send your message to the right people and define your goals. Many social media platforms will show you metrics that you can use to find out more about your current followers, but you can also gather data from existing students at your school, for example.

Be Smart

Once your audience is defined focus on your SMART goals Specific - goals need to be clear and precise, Measurable - use metrics to track your progress and adjust when necessary, Achievable - make sure that all goals are reachable for your business, Relevant - your social media goals should be parallel to your business objectives, and Timely - you should set yourself deadlines in order to keep yourself accountable.

Give Social Media the Importance it Deserves

Some businesses offload social media tasks to whoever is available, but in order to start selling on social media you need to have that one person or team whose sole focus is your social media strategy. A strategic team that has organizational skills and brand expertise is needed to cover your social media marketing. They need to be responsible for posting regularly, scheduling content in advance and on various social media platforms. Apart from that, this team will be the first communication line between the audience and your business. Interacting with your followers through likes, shares and comments is necessary for a high ROI, as more and more customers not only focus on the end result but on the whole "customer experience".

Post Content that Reflects Your Business

Always remember that whatever is posted on your socials represents your company, so you need to maintain your voice throughout. From the posts themselves to the way you reply to comments, clear policies should be followed to avoid any conflict with your audience. You also need to stick to your Brand Identity, having consistent quality marketing content on Social Media as well can help consumers recognise your brand. So whether you are printing fliers highlighting your course options, uploading educational videos on language learning, or sending out ‘Offers’ via mailshots, always be sure that your content is consistent with your brand's voice.


This perhaps is the most important rule of all: always measure the results of your campaign because it helps you determine if it was a success or not. With all this data in hand, you can plan your next campaign with the knowledge that you can communicate with your audience better. 

Check us out next week for more tips on how to boost those sales through your social media marketing effort. 

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