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How-To Tuesday: How to Find and Use Trending Hashtags on Facebook

  Publisher : Lynne   13 December 2022 09:00

Most of you may think that hashtags are more of an Instagram trend, but guess what? They have the very same function on Facebook! In a few words, hashtags are there to tie up similar types of content under one conversation topic. People can search for hashtags on Facebook and not just a list of public content shows up, but also pages and groups related to that hashtag. This makes it ideal for those businesses in the International Education Industry looking to add more followers and increase their audience, which is at the core of what social media for business is all about.

So, let’s now focus on how you can find those trending hashtags that are relevant to you.

Hashtag Autocomplete

This is simple because all you need to do is start typing a word that is relevant to your industry/business in your search bar. While typing the system will list all relevant hashtags tied to your text. When clicking on each hashtag you can see how many people are using that particular hashtag and a list of relevant posts.

Social Listening Tools

There are plenty of these tools readily available online, so it's a matter of deciding what is best for you. As for how it works, it is pretty straightforward - you set up your account, enter relevant keywords related to your industry, services, brands, etc and the tool will generate all the trending hashtags related to your keywords. Some of these tools give you a list of trending topics as well. All you need to do is then test them out when you post content.

Hashtag Generating Sites, Software, and Apps

We all know of these sites, where you simply type in a topic and the site generates the most popular hashtags around it. There are apps and software that do the same thing, generate popular related hashtags and some will also sort the list depending on how frequently they are used. While these do save time, they will generate the hashtags that are most popular globally, so chances are that some are not really relevant to your niche. It’s important to sift through the results, in this case.

You may think that all this extra work is extra… but think of the rewards! Hashtags are searchable and more interactive which means, more people will come across your business. And isn’t that what we all want?



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