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How-to Tuesday: The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2023 (Part 2)

  Publisher : Bernice   02 May 2023 14:00

In this How-to Tuesday our take on the top digital marketing trends continues! Read on for Part 2 of which marketing strategies are hot in 2023 and how you can use them to benefit your business in the international education industry. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Despite artificial intelligence still being in the early stages of its development, it is likely to be a significant digital marketing trend in 2023. Two impressive AI tools that went viral last year were DALL-E, which generates images from text prompts, and ChatGPT, which can create various pieces of written content at the click of a button. While these are still research tools for machine learning, there are plenty of other AI solutions designed primarily for digital marketing, such as Jasper, which uses AI for copywriting and could therefore help save you time by providing inspiration for blog and social media posts for your school. 

Ethics in digital marketing

In 2023, consumers are much more motivated by ethics and morality than ever before, with sustainability being a top priority. That’s why more and more companies are pursuing CRM (Cause-Related Marketing) by using their social media channels and other marketing materials to promote philanthropy and sustainability. To keep up with the times, make sure ethics are incorporated into your digital marketing strategy.

Customer experience

In an increasingly digital world, the customer experience has become an essential part of business strategy. Nowadays you can find reviews and opinions about almost everything in a matter of seconds, and if a business offers a bad customer experience, the word spreads quickly. That’s why your digital marketing strategy should emphasise giving clients the best experience possible. Your school’s website should be clear, fast, and user-friendly on both touch devices and desktops, and make it easy for clients to contact you.

Article written by Stephanie Clark

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