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Feature Friday: International House Manchester

  Publisher : Lynne   19 August 2022 00:00

International House Manchester is a school a lot of you are familiar with...Here are some more thing syou should know about it:

Can you tell us something about IH Manchester?

It's so nice to see our students having such a great time lately. Our school has been very busy, in fact we have been fully booked throughout the summer. This year our students have been able to get to meet some real Manchester people. We wanted to allow our students to get beneath the surface of this incredible city and get to know and interact with Mancunians. So, we launched a brand-new course called "Global Citizenship" with English lessons, project work, guest speakers and visits to local community projects like the Platt Fields Market Garden. Platt Fields grow organic fruit and vegetables in the heart of the city with the help of volunteers, through educational workshops and programmes, wellbeing sessions, courses and volunteering days. The course has been a real hit, so we will be building closer links now between our school and Platt Fields and be encouraging many more of our students to visit the site, meet the staff and volunteer. 

What agents are you looking to work with?

We are currently keen to explore collaboration with agents from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan as these nationalities are not well-represented in our school right now.  

Mention your 3 top unique selling points.

1. Student satisfaction levels are really high. This is evident in the feedback we get in school, from agent partners and parents as well as our Google reviews. Our staff tell us that they "love to help" so that became our core brand value and it really does shine through.

2. We guarantee the progress of every student. Quite simply; a student tells us their target level of English, we test their level and then tell them exactly how many weeks it will take them to reach that target. That becomes a promise and if the student doesn't reach their target in the time we say, then they are entitled to free classes until they do. Students appreciate knowing how much time and finances they will need to invest.

3. Via an App on their phone, laptop or tablet, our students get to keep in touch with classmates and teachers using our online learner management system. We adopted this system during the pandemic when classes went online, but it enhances face to face classes, too, so we developed it further. Teachers can assign homework, students can submit course work and collaborate remotely n Teams. Students can even book social activities, too!


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