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Newsfeed: Amy Jolly shares thoughts on how to make a team, a team

  Publisher : Bernice   22 November 2022 14:30

Head of School at Applewild School, Amy Jolly, shares her thoughts on what it takes to make a team, a real team. She shares a graphic on her news feed by Patrick Lencioni, who has coached and observed thousands of CEOs and Fortune 500 management teams throughout his career.

In this graphic, the business coach starts by asking five important questions: 

1️⃣Do your team members openly and readily disclose their opinions?

2️⃣Are your team meetings compelling and productive?

3️⃣Does your team come to decisions quickly and avoid getting bogged down by consensus?

4️⃣Do your team members confront one another about their shortcomings?

5️⃣Do your team members sacrifice their own interests for the good of the team?

Ms Jolly mentions her experience, having "served nonprofit schools for many years." She argues that, throughout her career, she "noticed a pattern that schools tend to attract really nice and socially aware people but they are predisposed to avoid healthy (and unhealthy) conflict."

So how do you handle conflict in your teams?

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