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Engineering and Computing: Top-Paying Fields for Trine University Graduates

  Publisher : Bernice   12 June 2024 15:04

Located in Angola, Indiana, Trine University is well-known for being one of the nation’s top universities to secure high employment rates after graduation. This is particularly evident from recent salary figures showing that graduates from Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering and Computing (ASEC) earn well above the national average in several industries.

High employment rates and top-paying fields

Trine University’s ASEC Class of 2023 saw 99.5% employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Salary data showed the average starting annual salaries to be well above the national average, for example, with software engineering graduates earning $92,500 (29.4% above average) and mechanical engineering graduates making $72,000 (7.5% above average). This data reflects strong demand for engineering and computing graduates in the current marketplace, with Trine University students being among the most sought-after.

Hands-on learning and industry connections

So what is it that makes Trine University’s engineering and computing graduates so desirable? One significant factor is the practical training Trine students receive, including hands-on experiences in labs, internships, co-ops and projects, all of which enables them to develop the right skills to contribute upon hire. Not only this, but the university’s Career Centre prepares students for success in the workforce through resume critiques, mock interviews, and facilitating connections with employers. According to William Barry, Ph.D., Dean of Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering and Computing, these are the key points that help graduates earn above national average in these top-paying industries.

Trine University’s focus on industry collaborations and practical learning experiences equips its graduates to earn competitive salaries above national averages. Interested in pursuing a lucrative career in engineering or computing? Explore Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering and Computing programmes and take the first step towards a rewarding future.


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