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Gap Semester in Italy at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

  Publisher : Lynne   11 June 2024 07:30

Our "Gap Semester" program has everything students need: 16 weeks of full immersion in Italian culture and language. Students will receive high-quality language instruction from our expert teachers that will guide them on this fantastic path.

The next "Gap Semester" program will run from February 14th to June 17th.

Why take a "Gap Semester" in Italy?

Spending 16 weeks in Italy working on language skills means students will have long enough time to become pretty advanced in the language as they work towards fluency. Even if they are beginners, studying abroad is the fastest way to learn a language and they will start to see improvements in a matter of weeks.

And if that's not enough...

In the last 4 weeks of the "Gap Semester", students will attend the preparation course for the certification exam of the Italian language "Florence" of the Italian Language Academy - AIL. On the last day of class, they can take the exam that certifies their knowledge learned during their stay!

What does the program include?

The course runs from Monday to Friday and includes:

16 weeks of our intensive Italian language course, 4 lessons per day

4 weeks of our preparation course for the Italian language exam

2 weeks of cultural courses (history of art, literature, fashion)

Not just study

In the afternoon and in their free time students can participate in the many activities organized by the school: unique opportunities to socialize, put the Italian language into practice and have fun!

Studying abroad is well worth the challenge, students will find it a very rewarding experience. At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci we supported every step of the way during their "Gap Semester" in Italy.

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