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Merrick Prep Graduation 2022

  Publisher : Bernice   05 July 2022 00:00

On June 24, 2022, we held our Graduation Ceremony – a very special event each year and particularly this year as it was the first in person graduation ceremony since June 2019!  Families and students joined us in person and online – the joy of technology allowing families from around the world to celebrate with those here on campus.  This year was special as our students had to overcome and navigate through the ongoing pandemic. This didn’t stop our 8 graduates from being one of the most successful classes in Merrick Prep history receiving 61 university offers and bringing in over $235,500 in scholarship offers!

There were lots of smiles and a few tears as we parted – and most importantly it was a chance to acknowledge the hard work of our students, and the exceptional work invested by our teachers to make such a positive and enriching experience for all! 

Merrick Prep’s valedictorian Ekefeoghene closed the ceremony with a tearful yet inspiring speech and then our students departed in their own ways. This year every MPS staff member took a moment to say “All the best and see you soon”. What this looked like you can see here:

We will miss our graduates very much – it was an amazing group of students, but we are super excited to see what bright future lies ahead for them! We look forward to keeping in touch and hearing of their many successes in the future!

We are still happy to help students join us this fall or start applying early for 2022-2023. Merrick Prep is where your success starts!

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