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Alumni Catch-Up, New Workshops, Student of the Month

  Publisher : Bernice   12 May 2023 16:48

This week, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our alumni who studied at MC Academy in 2021. Omar was happy to share his thoughts and provided information about his life after studying at MC Academy. Thank you, Omar, for providing us with this information. It was nice to hear from you again! 

If you want to read more alumni catch-ups, please visit our website-

New Workshops 

MC Academy hosts a number of FREE workshops for our students to attend after their classes each week. We are happy to announce that a new workshop will be available for students of ALL levels beginning next Thursday (18th May). Our Support Club is designed to help students that require extra tuition after class. This workshop provides students with an opportunity to target areas of improvement with a CELTA-qualified teacher.

For more information about our FREE workshops, please visit our website for more information -

Student of the Month

Well done, Nourah, for winning April’s Student of the Month award. Your teacher, Rachel, is very proud of you and all of your hard work.

Summer School 2023

We are still accepting applications to study at this year’s Junior Summer School. Our Junior Summer School is perfect for junior students that wish to improve their English language skills over the summer period. It is also a great way for students from around the world to make new friends and have unforgettable experiences!

Key Facts
⏰ Hours per Week: 15 or 20 hours
Age Range: 10-16 years
Dates: 3rd July-28th July 2023
Duration: 4 weeks
Course Type: Course only
Application Deadline: End of May
Location: Manchester City Centre
Capacity: 16 students per class

For more information about this year's Junior Summer School, please get in contact or visit our website for more information or send an email on [email protected] 

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