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Upcoming Camps at Les Elfes in Verbier, Switzerland

  Publisher : Bernice   04 April 2023 14:00

While a heavy snowfall has brought winter back to Verbier, here at Les Elfes International we are already thinking about summer.

This year our summer camps start on 11 June with sessions of 2 or 3 weeks until the end of August. 

As for winter 2023, the number of bookings for summer 2023 is skyrocketing, with an increase of 60% compared to last year.

We note that parents tend to contact us well before the summer camp sessions start.

With 35% returners out of the total number of registrations received, we will offer new activities.

The final summer camp program for Discovery, Explorers, and Pioneers will be published on our website at the end of April but can be sent to you immediately if requested.

We are proud to be working with these industry organisations:

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