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Courses Offered at French in Normandy

  Publisher : Bernice   11 May 2023 13:56

Located in Rouen, Normandy’s beautiful, historic capital, French in Normandy is an award-winning language school where students from around the world come to immerse themselves in the French language and culture. They offer a wide variety of French language courses, all of which are government accredited and taught by highly-qualified professionals.

Current Course Options

General French Courses

General French courses cover all aspects of French language skills, helping students communicate successfully in different social settings. Offered throughout the year, classes have a maximum of 15 students and levels range from beginner to advanced. Students even have the flexibility of choosing how many hours they study, with Intensive courses consisting of 25 hours, Semi-intensive of 15, and Demi-intensive of 10 hours a week. For those looking for a mix of group classes and individual tuition, they also offer Combi courses – perfect for using one’s French language skills with other international students, whilst also devoting time to specific individual needs.

Exam Preparation Courses

The school also offers preparation for French language exams, with the most popular being the DELF and DALF diplomas. Recognised by the Ministry of Education, these diplomas are life-time proof of the holder’s level of French proficiency. Just like the General French courses, exam preparation courses also offer the option to study flexibly, with Intensive DELF/DALF courses, Demi-preparation courses and Combi courses available.

Erasmus + Teacher Training Courses

Qualified teachers can also benefit from the school’s Erasmus + funded training courses. Our French for Teachers – French Language and Culture course focuses on teaching French as well as exploring Rouen and learning about French culture, whilst the FLE Methodology and New Approaches option aims to introduce new teaching techniques and methodology. Courses consist of small group lessons, providing the opportunity to meet other teachers from around the world.

These are just a few of French in Normandy’s course options. With other specialised courses also available, including Business French, 50+ Pathways for Seniors, Junior Programmes and many more, the school offers something for every learner.

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