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International House Manchester: Global Citizenship Course

  Publisher : Lynne   13 May 2022 00:00

The world is a changing place right now, and we all need to adapt to our new cultural environment. There are exciting opportunities available to anyone with the right skill sets and drive to achieve.

The IH Manchester “Global Citizenship” course will help you to develop these skills and improve your global knowledge in order to successfully communicate with people from different countries around the world.

On this course you will:

- Develop critical thinking skills to better discuss important global topics

- Increase your cultural awareness and understanding of people from other countries

- Develop practical organisational skills through project work

- Improve your verbal and written communication to interact more effectively with people of other nationalities and cultures

- Prepare for future studies, work and life

Topics include:

-Sustainability and the Environment

-The Global Communicator

-Critical Thinking for the 21st Century

Transferrable skills:

Teamwork, critical thinking and analytical skills, debate skills, presentation skills with PowerPoints, writing skills e.g. reports & emails, intercultural communicative competence, compiling questionnaires and interpreting data.

Course details:

- 2-6 weeks

- Age 16+

- Suitable for English levels – A2/B1 and B2/C1   (Global citizenship classes will be mixed level classes but with a limit of one level difference)

- 15 hours per week of English lessons

- 2 global citizen sessions per week including a visit to a local project

- 1 mid-week social excursion per week

- 1 full-day excursion each weekend

- Standard homestay, half board Monday – Friday and full board at the weekends

- Airport transfers on arrival and departure (Manchester airport)

- E-book provided for English classes

--> Full details of the course are available on our website too:

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