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IELS at the Budapest Workshop

  Publisher : Bernice   19 April 2023 13:48

2 weeks ago, IELS Malta, together with MTA Hungary took part in the Workshop of English Learning Opportunities in the Middle of the Mediterranean in Budapest, capital of Hungary with the purpose of providing participants with an overall picture of Malta as an ultimate ELT destination.

During the event, Hungarian teachers and future clients had the opportunity of meeting up with representatives of Malta Tourism Authority and IELS Malta School in an informal setting, getting to know more about the island’s rich history and the variety of cultural and social events that Malta and Gozo boast of. The participants were able to savour the great potential Malta offers while meeting up and discovering the latest study abroad information, general idea and standards of English learning experience in Malta and IELS.

We would like to thank our partner, Challenge Hungary, for this opportunity and look forward to welcoming many more Hungarian students to our school!

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