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Classes at French in Normandy are completely paperless

  Publisher : Bernice   23 March 2023 13:22

At French in Normandy we have always taken our social responsibility seriously, with sustainability being high on our agenda. That’s why we are proud to announce that as part of our aim for evermore eco-friendly practices, all our classes are now exclusively paper-free!

Why go paperless?

Tons of paper is wasted in schools each year, causing more destruction of natural resources and contributing to the issue of climate change. When classrooms switch to paperless methodology, it helps to minimise the significant problem of paper waste, saves energy spent on paper production, and in turn, reduces CO2 emissions.

As a company very much aware of its wider role in the community, we have always done our utmost to decrease our environmental impact. Some initiatives we already have in place include only using recycled paper, minimising the use of paper in our promotional materials, and encouraging online booking. These efforts have led to us becoming the only school in France with the Green Standard Schools accreditation, as well as the first IH school to gain the Sustainability badge. But our long-term aim has been to reduce the need for paper entirely, which is why we now offer paperless classes.

What does this mean for our courses?

Instead of being given a course book, students who enrol on one of our French courses are given access to our online platform resource centre, accessible on a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. Not only does this mean less wastage, but digitalising our material makes it easier for students to access course material from anywhere they like, without the weight of transporting books. What’s more, our online platform can still be used after a course has ended, making it a great way to continue improving your French even after you leave us.

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