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Sustainable Wednesday: Transitioning Language Schools to Digital Learning for a Greener Future

Published Stephanie Clark on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 9:00 AM

Sustainable Wednesday: Transitioning Language Schools to Digital Learning for a Greener Future

Looking to reduce your language school’s carbon footprint? By switching from paper-based to digital learning, your educational establishment can move closer to its sustainability goals. Let’s look at some useful ways to help your school go paperless. 

Adopt e-books and online resources

Traditional coursebooks use large amounts of paper, go out of date quickly, and are often too heavy to carry around all day. By embracing digital content, like e-books and other online resources, schools will significantly reduce the need for paper and give students access to constantly updated materials. Students can be encouraged to use their laptops or tablet devices in class and look at online collaborative resources that their teachers share.

Implement online assessments and assignments

Similarly, pen-and-paper assessments generate piles of waste, so schools should consider setting up an online assignment submission system. This not only eliminates the issue of paper waste, but it further enhances learning by enabling instant feedback and trackable student progress analytics. What’s more, if exams can be taken online as well, this reduces the need for paper and provides flexibility for students to test from any location.

Encourage digital note-taking 

Equipping students with laptops or tablets can also significantly reduce the need for paper. If your budget allows for it, provide students with access to these devices, but if not, encourage them to bring in their own laptops and tablets to school. This will cut down on the need for printed handouts, as well as give students the opportunity to take notes digitally instead of in paper notebooks. 

By making these changes, language schools can contribute toward a greener future while making learning more accessible for the emerging generation of digitally native students.

That’s all for this week, but remember to look out for our next Sustainable Wednesday instalment where we continue to share insights to help educational establishments improve their sustainability practices.


Written by Stephanie Clark


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