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Mastering Spanish from afar: Ardi’s Remote Learning adventure in Valencia - for conquering the Siele Exam

Published Bernice on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 5:24 PM

Mastering Spanish from afar: Ardi’s Remote Learning adventure in Valencia - for conquering the Siele Exam

SIELE, a prestigious award, Servicio Internacional De Evaluación De La Lengua Española, is an assessment aligning with the Common European Framework for Spanish proficiency!  Now imagine students doing this internationally acclaimed exam, not in the confines of a classroom, but amidst the warm and vibrant and inspiring streets of Valencia, Spain. This is no fantasy, this is just part of the way that educational programmes have molded around today’s technology.  Digital technology is part of what makes stories like that of Ardi, a British university student, go from a fantasy, to reality - with our Spanish Homestay Immersion Programme (Ship).

A Distinguished Linguistic Scholar

For Ardi, languages have been a way of life, and a passion of his, and so he must’ve felt confident about his decision to undertake the SIELE exam remotely, in Valencia.  He was fluent in English, Farsi, and French, with a science background, and an inquisitive, sociable personality.  Ardi desired a holistic unity with language and culture that is most readily achieved with a full Cultural and Local Immersion.

On a practical level Ardi of course recognized the importance of the SIELE exam, an exam that tests listening comprehension, oral expression, and written skills, crucial for anyone aiming to use Spanish academically or professionally.

Our experienced and specialist teacher Pilar, from her home in Spain, began by tailoring the course exactly around Ardi, and his requirements, in the following shape: a week focusing on SIELE preparation, with the prospect of an immersive two-week program in Valencia, Pilar’s home-town.

The Cultural Allure And Resonance Of Valencia

In Valencia, Pilar enriched Ardi’s experience, introducing him to the local culture and to the subtle language nuances. He explored local history, such as La Lonja and the Turia Gardens (locations you may discover yourself) and of course indulged in the region's gastronomy, finding throughout, constant opportunities to deploy his Spanish language gains

Local Festivals And Occasions

A major highlight of Ardi’s stay was the Feast of St. John, a vibrant cultural event, and its midnight beach ritual.  He added his first Flamenco show at Café el Duende, an iconic element of Hispanic world culture, to his resume, and savored authentic Valencian paella, in his rollercoaster ride through Spanish Culture - all the while augmenting his C.V. by getting an important academic qualification!

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Ardi’s Outstanding Achievement 

Ardi’s was a great achievement.  He combined a great holiday, and wonderful travels with advancement in his learning journey. Starting at a level between A2 and B1, he aimed for B2 (important levels within the CEFR framework). Pilar, his tutor, was able to customise the learning structure around him, and they were able to work together to achieve their goal. This experience stands as a testament to the efficacy of the Immersive language learning method.

Bottom Line: Seize The Opportunity In 2024

Are your students aspiring to attain proficiency in Spanish for academic or professional purposes? Let Ardi’s journey inspire you. encourage your students to join us at Spanish Express, and embark on an educational voyage of discovery in Spain with the Spanish Homestay Immersion Programme (SHIP), where learning transcends the classroom.

Contact us today with a free Discovery Call to learn how students can tailor their own immersive learning experience and achieve their spanish language goals with flying colors!

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