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How Intrinsiq Works – Setting Up New Agents & Commission Rates

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 12:22 PM

How Intrinsiq Works – Setting Up New Agents & Commission Rates

Welcome to another edition of 'How It Works' with Intrinsiq! Drawing upon our extensive experience in the international education industry, we're excited to guide you through the seamless process of adding new agents and setting commission rates using our platform. Join us as we explore how Intrinsiq simplifies this essential task, tailored specifically for schools and language travel establishments worldwide. 

Step 1:  Go to Marketing. 

Step 2: Click Add Agent. 

Step 3: Fill in the Details.  

Step 4: Add Commission Percentage on the main page – this commission defaults to tuition only.  

Step 5: Save. 

Step 6: Go to the ‘Commission Rate’ tab. Click ‘Add Entry’. 

Step 7: Choose a charge type you want to add commission. For example, Accommodation.  

Step 8: Type in the percentage rate. Saves automatically. 


Commissions are calculated automatically once the booking is entered under the agent's name. 

Intrinsiq automates commission calculations upon booking, ensuring accurate compensation without manual effort, saving time, and reducing errors for institutions. 

The system stores all commission history belonging to each agent. 

Intrinsiq archives agent commissions histories, offering institutions transparency and insights for fostering trust and collaboration. 

Enable Automated Temporary Pricing or Commission Adjustments for the Admissions Team's Convenience. 

Intrinsiq automates temporary discounts and commission changes, relieving the Admissions team of manual pricing adjustments, ensuring accuracy, and saving administrative time, thus enhancing overall efficiency in managing promotions and commissions. 

Facilitate Individualized Course Rates for Agents to Incentivize Student Enrollment, Automatically Assigned by the System. 

Intrinsiq enables customised course rates for agents, enhancing enrollment strategies within set periods. The system automates special price assignments based on agent agreements, driving student recruitment, and reducing administrative tasks. 

The system allows for custom charge-type pricing for Agent, which will only be applied to students sent from that Agent. 

Intrinsiq enables custom charge-type pricing per agent, ensuring fair financial arrangements and streamlined billing by automatically applying agent-specific charges to referred students, simplifying financial management. 

Agent Profiles Feature Diary and Email Tabs for Storing Communications and Internal Tasks for Future Reference.  

Intrinsiq offers Diary and Email tabs in each Agent profile, centralising all correspondence and internal discussions, promoting transparency and efficient task management. 

Intrinsiq offers a comprehensive solution tailored for international education institutions, excelling in agent management, commission rates, and communication tracking. With automated commission calculations, customisable pricing, and centralised communication tools, Intrinsiq streamlines administrative tasks, fosters transparent partnerships, and enhances operational efficiency. 

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