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How Intrinsiq Works – Adding Users

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 6, 2024 7:24 PM

How Intrinsiq Works – Adding Users

Intrinsiq excels as a versatile school management solution, specifically crafted for the unique requirements of international education and language travel institutions. Ideal for study abroad programs and language schools, this comprehensive system seamlessly adds and manages unlimited users, each with a personalized login. Its user-centric design and commitment to customizable experiences make Intrinsiq an indispensable platform, perfectly suited for institutions prioritizing efficient user management. 

Step 1: Go to Admin > Staff Settings > Staff.  

Step 2: Click ‘Add Staff’  

Step 3: Fill in your Name, Surname, and other necessary details.  

Step 4: Add Microsoft email tied to the user. As we use Microsoft Authentication Login  

Step 5: Choose ‘Security Group’ according to their level - this will determine what they can access and edit.    

Step 6: Click ‘Refresh’. 


You Can Properly Tier Your Staff to Differentiate Between Managers and Interns: This feature enables you to establish a structured hierarchy within your staff, effectively categorizing them based on their roles and responsibilities. This differentiation ensures that each staff member is assigned to an appropriate tier and enhances efficiency and security, allowing tailored access levels corresponding to individual roles within the organization.  

With Intrinsiq, There Are No Limits on the Number of Users And The Price Is Fixed No Matter The Number Of Users: Intrinsiq stands out with flexible user scalability, offering unlimited users at a fixed cost, and eliminating concerns about expenses as your organization grows. The transparent pricing structure ensures budgetary stability, allowing businesses to adapt seamlessly to evolving needs without the worry of escalating user-related costs. This means that if you increase temporary staff for busy periods, they still get their login without affecting the pricing. 

With Microsoft SSO, Staff Does Not Need to Remember Yet Another Password: Intrinsiq enhances staff convenience and security through Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO), eliminating the need for an extra password and leveraging Microsoft's robust authentication measures. This integration ensures a user-friendly experience, streamlining logins and minimizing the hassle of password management for efficient staff access to Intrinsiq.  

Users Can Be Assigned To A Particular Center, And They Only See The Data Tied To That Center: Intrinsiq's staff assignment to specific centers ensures targeted data access, enhancing privacy and streamlining workflows by limiting exposure to relevant information, fostering an organized and secure operational environment. Alternatively, staff members who are not tied to a center have a global view of the whole company, ideal for top management. 

Each Staff Profile Holds Their Employment History, Qualifications, Etc. Also Including All Emails That Have Been Sent to Them Through The System: Intrinsiq's enhanced staff profiles include comprehensive details, fostering efficient HR management with insights into employment history, qualifications, and a transparent communication record in a centralized and easily accessible database. 

Intrinsiq innovates user augmentation with a creative approach to adding users, which is especially beneficial for educational institutions. The platform ensures a user-friendly experience through streamlined onboarding, Microsoft SSO, and flexible pricing for unlimited users, emphasizing convenience and security. Intrinsiq's tiered staff approach, targeted data access, and comprehensive profiles underscore its commitment to efficiency, highlighting an innovative design that transforms user management in educational settings.

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