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Sustainable Wednesday: 3 Top Eco-Friendly Practices for International Education Agents

  Publisher : Bernice   05 June 2024 07:00

With concern for the environment increasing worldwide, those businesses that adopt sustainable practices are taking the lead. Since international education agents are key players in influencing the decision-making of students worldwide, contributing to a greener planet is sure to align with the values of environmentally-conscious students and educational institutions. Here are three top ways international agents can promote sustainable practices.

Promote eco-friendly travel options

Encourage prospective students to consider sustainable travel options when planning their international study journeys. For instance, suggest direct flights or routes with fewer connections to minimise carbon emissions and emphasise the benefits of using public transportation whenever possible during their stay abroad. It’s also helpful to offer resources and guidance on how to make sustainable choices throughout their travel experiences, sharing these on your website, in brochures and on your business’ social media platforms. 

Seek out sustainable partnerships

Collaborate with educational institutions and service providers that prioritise sustainability. This sends out the message that your business regards sustainability as a priority. You could, for example, look to partner with schools and universities that implement eco-friendly initiatives, such as renewable energy sources and waste reduction programmes. By aligning with like-minded organisations, you contribute to a collective effort towards environmental responsibility. 

Integrate environmental considerations

Last but not least, incorporate environmental considerations into your daily operations and services. Encourage paperless communication and digital document sharing to reduce paper waste and promote virtual meetings when feasible to minimise travel-related emissions. You could also inspire your team to adopt energy-efficient practices in the office, such as turning off lights and electronics when not in use, and implementing recycling programmes. 

Embracing sustainability as a core value and leading by example will not only contribute to a healthier planet, but also resonate positively with environmentally-conscious students, families, and stakeholders across the globe.

Written by Stephanie Clark

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