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Marketing Monday: 3 Great Ways of Optimising Website User Experience for International Students

  Publisher : Stephanie Clark   10 June 2024 09:00

To attract international students, you need a high-performing website that’s optimised for user experience (UX). By tweaking certain web design and development aspects, you can significantly improve how visitors interact with and navigate your site. This has a positive effect on several key metrics, including increased ROI, engagement, brand awareness, reputation, and conversions. Here are three of the top ways to enhance your website for international student prospects. 

1. Guide the student journey with clear design 

Your website should use clear language that’s easy for international visitors to find and understand. Consider investing in a professional web copywriter to write compelling content and incorporate visible calls-to-action. Include a balanced mix of imagery and text, ample white space, and guide visitors through the decision-making process with purposeful design and content flows.

2. Prioritise page speed on all devices

Page speed is crucial, as slow load times frustrate users and affect conversions. This can be improved by minimising and compressing large assets, like images and videos, and using caching. It’s also crucial to prioritise mobile devices by designing for the smallest screens first, then scaling up, and ensuring navigation menus are optimised for touchscreens. Choose readable fonts and pay close attention to letter and line spacing.

3. Include multilingual and accessible content

With an international audience, providing multilingual content is essential. Translate key pages into the languages of your top student markets. Additionally, follow web accessibility best practices to ensure all students can access and navigate your content, regardless of disability. Alternative text, proper header structures, keyboard navigation, and colour contrast are a few key areas to focus on.

By considering these crucial elements for your website, you’ll create an outstanding user experience to attract and convert international students. And if you need further guidance, get in touch with Schools & Agents to learn how our digital marketing services can enhance your international education website today.


Written by Stephanie Clark

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