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School Challenge vs Intrinsiq Solution: Class Roll and Attendance

  Publisher : Bernice   05 June 2024 13:22

Come and explore the world of international education with Intrinsiq as we unveil our newest article in the series, "School Challenges vs. Intrinsiq Solutions." This article dives into the difficulties schools encounter when handling class rolls and attendance. Are there any situations your Academic Staff face? 

Having Trouble Getting Attendance Lists from Your Teachers? 

Tired of Entering Attendance at the End of the Week? 

Struggling to Inform Staff and Students About Last-Minute Timetable Updates? 

Are Teachers Finding Unlisted Students in Class? 

Thanks to Intrinsiq, collecting attendance lists from teachers has become a thing of the past. Teachers have direct access to the system, allowing them to input attendance independently, and now, with the introduction of ‘Mobile Attendance’, teachers can conveniently log in using their phones and efficiently record attendance during class time, which then updates in real-time on the core system. As an academic manager, you can easily identify absent or present students within just 10 minutes of the start of the lesson, enabling you to address any necessary actions right from your desk.  

With Intrinsiq whenever there's a change in the timetable, it's automatically updated on both the student and teacher portals. This provides timely information for students and teachers, promoting better planning and organization.  Additionally, these instant updates save time and improve efficiency, preventing any unnecessary waiting and frustration. Teachers finding students in their class but not their class role is now reduced to a minimum, and the real-time update on both portals makes sure that everything is organised and running smoothly. Students no longer need to check notice boards for the latest timetable and the teachers don’t need to pester their Director of Studies for an updated class roll. Intrinsiq aims to solve as many of these frustrations as possible through automation and by adding functionalities to the system as the needs of the schools grow. If you would like to learn more about how we can help smoothen operations through our Intrinsiq platform, feel free to get in touch at [email protected].

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