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UK ELT shows solid recovery in Q1 2024

  Publisher : Bernice   06 June 2024 13:20

The latest figures on the UK's ELT source markets from our Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) show recovery in Q1 2024 was solid, with the cohort's total student week volume reaching 81% of Q1 2019 levels. This is better than in Q4 2023.  

Some source markets bigger than in 2019 and China is on the up  

The full results reveal over a third of all individual source countries sent higher volumes than in Q1 2019 - indicating short-term growth potential across a number of the UK's markets. 

As observed in previous quarters, more traditional source markets dominated the top rankings. China saw the most significant year-on-year growth, moving it up from last year's 16th place to 11th place. Its performance is expected to improve each quarter this year. 

Record member participation levels

We run this in-depth quarterly statistics initiative in collaboration with our insight partner BONARDThe 2024 sample represents 39% English UK member centres, one of the highest participation rates to date. 

Q1 2024 at a glance

(n = 126 members)

  • teaching occurred at 113 premises*, 5% more than in Q1 2023
  • collectively 127,576 student weeks: 87% adult and 13% junior
  • junior student weeks were up 3% on Q1 2023
  • adults student weeks were down 15% on Q1 2023 
  • adults recovered 95% of their 2019 student week volume, and juniors 76%
  • the proportion of commissionable weeks (74%) is similar to pre-pandemic times
  • 80% individual bookings and 20% group - a stable proportion for several years
  • the top 10 markets represented 66% of all student weeks
  • top 5 adult source markets: Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Turkey, Kuwait and South Korea
  • top 5 junior source markets: Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru 

*The 126 QUIC members are cumulatively advertising 239 locations as being open at some point during 2024.

>> Download the Q4 2023 executive summary

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