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WEBA Beijing China

Since 2009 WEBA organise four times per year the agent's workshops in Beijing in the months of October, January, April and June in order to welcome the over 500 agents in China.The event is held at the Asia Hotel in Beijing.Since 2017 we open our office in Beijing - China in order to assist the institution with the follow up after the Workshop.The upcoming WEBA China Workshops will welcome Agents from all over China ( 80% ) and from Taiwan, HongKong, South Korea and Mongolia. You will be able to schedule with over 50-60 agents in a One to One Session. The meetings are run in a rotation format. Last October each educator meet 76 agents! During the Agents Workshops held in Beijing, you will introduce your institution in a 15-minute timeslot meeting and meet 2 to 4 agents at each meeting in order to meet all the agents attending.In addition is possible to give aswell a presentation in front of all the agents.All the agents are member of BOSSA/COSSA the national agents association and from WEBA.BOSSA/COSSA support the annual WEBA Agents Workshops ( at this stage over 220 agents from all over China are member of the association) .

WEBA World is a Swiss company that has provided professional services to the education industry for over 20 years. Each year WEBA holds over 100 education events in more than 25 countries globally. WEBA holds 3 types of events designed to assist colleges to increase their international student recruitment: (a) Agent Workshops, (b) Student Recruitment Fairs, and; (c) High School Visits. Some WEBA events are stand alone events in 1-City only. WEBA also holds Multi-City Tours where educators may go to up to 8 events/8 cities/8 countries. If they do not wish to go for the full tour, educators may also choose to attend one event/1 city/1 country only.

WEBA holds 2 types of Agent Workshops, "International" (bringing agents from around the world to meet educators in one country) and "National" (bringing educators from around the world to meet agents from one country). WEBA's Member Educators include High Schools, Boarding Schools, Colleges, Business Schools, Universities, and Language Schools. WEBA's Member Agents include more than 9,000 of the highest quality Agents from around the world that WEBA has pre-selected to attend our events.

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Event Date: Friday, March 29, 2019 till Sunday, March 31, 2019

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