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' is still here and it's bigger and better' - Keith Segal

Published Bernice on Monday, November 21, 2022 11:30 AM

Interviewing international insurance

One of our highlights during the ICEF Berlin workshop which was held a few weeks ago, was running into our good friend and industry stalwart Keith Segal, President and CEO at International Insurance.

During ICEF we sat down with Keith, and among many other things that we discussed, we also spoke about where is at the moment and, more importantly, where it is going...and what we've discovered is what we're pleased to share with you today. " is still here," Keith told us, "and it is bigger and better."

Avoiding the COVID-19 subject is useless because, whether we like it or not, we were all affected by it. During this interview, Keith shared with us's experience of the pandemic and how this got them to take an important decision i.e. to grow and expand their team and use this time to re-invent themselves.

Take a look at the interview with Keith here:

 "COVID-19 was a good thing because it made the entire industry reset. At we started re-investing in ourselves. Pre-COVIDwe had about 52 staff. During COVID we grew into a team of 112 people so we’ve practically doubled. We took this time to upgrade our technology and our IT," Keith told us.

Speaking of upgrading their technology, Keith explained that "during this time the company had some technological issues and we took it upon ourselves to fix that." now boasts an incredibly safe and secure system when it comes to data. In September got the ISO 27001 certification, which ensures that data on the system is safe from hacking. By June next year, is planning on getting the next level of certification ISO 27009, which is further proof of how much the company values its clients' and users' privacy. Europe and UK

Another important major development at has been the strengthening of the European and UK markets, and the did that by firstly increasing the number of staff dealing with these two regions, and additionally by having an office in Ireland which Mark Sherin is running. Ireland now has its own website. UK now also has its own website.

Moving forward

There is never a dull moment at Come January the company will be presenting a whole new set of products for their European and UK markets so we certianly invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates from our friends at International Insurance.

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